Sunday, 25 April 2010

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! We are so sorry that we have not written our blog for a long time. Nanny Braund was very ill last year and very sadly died just before Christmas and we hadn't the heart to write our blog again until now. We all miss her terribly and she will always have a very special place in our hearts.
So many wonderful things have been happening at Hill Top. If you remember Millie had baby hedgehogs. Well eight were born, one died and the seven remaining have all survived. We will post some pictures of the hedgehogs tomorrow evening and tell you all about their new pen.
Today has been a really special day for our youngest son Greg (aged 11), as his Pygmy Goats have at long last arrived. Bracken the mother, her whether Brando and kid Sasha have all come to live at Hill Top. Roy, Ross and Greg have been working really hard over the Easter holidays building a home for the pygmy goats and fencing and concreting their penned area ready for their arrival today. They are absolutely lovely - really friendly and skipping and jumping around.
We'll keep you posted with their progress.
Back again tomorrow - All at Hill Top.