Monday, 12 July 2010

Anyone for Camping?

Hello and welcome back! Hasn't the weather been great - we have been busy here, but thought it was time I posted you another blog! Our oldest son Dave is going camping with his girlfriend Jess and they are taking Greg and Jess's sister Jo. They had a trial run at putting the tent up, which had us in hysterics, but once they had managed to get the tent up (which was no easy task), the next mission was to get it back in the bag! Dave, Jess and Greg were determined to get the tent back into the bag it came in! Greg as usual had to include his unicycle and he was struggling not to tip over backwards with the weight! Perhaps you can pick up some tips, just in case you go camping! Greg really looks the part.

More Hill Top Tails tomorrow. Thank you for reading our blog. Goodnight.