Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Millie the Fox

Hello again.
I promised an up-to-date picture of Dodo, but every time Rossi has fed him today, I've been busy doing something else, and forgot to get the picture, until Dodo was fast asleep in his bed tonight. I'll try harder tomorrow!
No sound from Millie at the hedgehog's nest, but that is a good sign, so we'll be patient and keep waiting.
Our friend Beth from the Hartland Wildlife Rescue has a pet fox (one which was rescued) and she is called Millie. I thought you would all like to share this lovely picture.
Work still continues at the CFZ, preparing for the start of the Weird Weekend which kicks off with a Cocktail Party tomorrow night. For more information on the Weird Weekend visit or simply type Weird Weekend into Google and all will be revealed.
More news tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Millie's new hoglets!!

Yes, Millie is a Mum again! Frantic collecting of hay etc. on Sunday and today Millie definately has baby hoglets, but we shall not disturb them, we will wait and see how things progress. We will keep you posted.
We are really busy here at Hill Top. The shippen conversion is going well. Roof completely off and new floor well on its way etc.
We had a real surprise today as cousin Eva from Evesham called in to say hello. The boys were keen for her to try out the new woodland play area and as you can see, she's a dab hand at the monkey bars! She also met all the animals, including our redfoot tortoise.
Everyone at the CFZ is working really hard preparing for the Weird Weekend. Dave, Ross & Greg are all at Jon's this afternoon helping. The annual Weird Weekend starts this Friday - it is an event you should not miss!
Dodo is really growing and doing so well. We will post a new picture up tomorrow.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Curly Carrots!

Hi everyone!
Following our last blog (and apologies for the delay in writing), Angel the baby pigeon died today. It's always an ongoing battle with the wildlife, but the boys keep the animals warm and fed and persevere to give them the best chance. Angel had done so well this last week but yesterday went very quiet and sadly she died today. However, Dodo is doing really well - his feathers are coming now and we'll post another picture in a few days.
Greg has grown some carrots of his own from seed this summer and at the weekend he pulled them up. Greg wanted you to see his curly carrot!
Work has started on our new holiday let - once a shippen, at the rear of Walland Farm. As you can see all the boys (only two pictured here) are helping Roy. The roof and floor have been totally demolished in a few days.
Greg says a special message for his cousin Eva in Evesham: - "The carrot isn't as nice tasting as the maltesers at Christmas Mrs.Santa!"
Watch out for another update tomorrow. Thank you for reading.