Sunday, 17 July 2011


Hello! Two week's ago Ross and Roy went up to Bristol to pick up the new addition to Hill Top. He is named Narnia and is a beautiful baby snowy owl. He was just two week's old when we bought him and is now four week's old. He was a ball of fluff when we picked him up, but is now losing his fluff, and his feathers are beginning to come through. Narnia is absolutely gorgeous. Ross is hand rearing him and as he is on his school holidays he is able to spend a lot of time bonding with him. He is very tame and even passing a ball backwards and forwards. He is a real joy to watch and is changing every single day. We hope you enjoy the pictures. More Hill Top Tails tomorrow!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Finished Thing!

Hello! Following on from my previous blog, I'm now posting some pictures of the finished lake. It has been a brilliant experience from start to finish. It was such a muddy mess to start with and we just really couldn't imagine how lovely it would be when it was finished, but believe me it has been fascinating to watch it change every single day. The Canadian Geese are lovely and we have been so lucky to keep them all. It looks so perfect, as if it has been there for ages! Hope you've enjoyed the pictures, we'll post a few more over the next couple of days. All the animals are good. Rossi has been flying Mars this evening and the pgymy goats are enjoying being out in the sunshine, in the field again.

More Hill Top Tails tomorrow. Goodnight!

Monday, 16 May 2011


Hello everyone! We are sorry that we haven't written our blog for such a long while, but as you will see things have been really busy here at Hill Top. In January we started digging our conservation lake.

It was finished and had filled up by the end of February - it was just amazing how quickly it filled, but we had drained the field into the lake and before we knew it the landscape had changed for the better! But the most exciting thing of all, was that as soon as the lake had filled we had a pair of Canadian Geese come to live on Owl Island (named after the island in Beatrix Potter's Squirrel Nutkin, and very appropriate as the two owls fly around it every evening).

Even better than that, six week's ago they had five little goslings. It's just wonderful to watch them every day. They are really growing now and are even getting brave going out onto the lake on their own. We hope you like the attached pictures of the lake being constructed. Tomorrow I will show you picutres of the completed lake and the geese. Thank you for reading - it's great to be back!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mars - Flying beautifully again!

Hi everyone! We hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays. We have been really busy here at Hill Top. Following the event the with fire engines, Mars was not a happy Harris Hawk and it has taken him quite a while to want to fly again. However, he is fully back to normal now and flying beautifully. He's such a beautiful bird and it's a real joy to watch Rossi flying him.
Back more tomorrow with more Hill Top Tails. Take care till then.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Anyone for Camping?

Hello and welcome back! Hasn't the weather been great - we have been busy here, but thought it was time I posted you another blog! Our oldest son Dave is going camping with his girlfriend Jess and they are taking Greg and Jess's sister Jo. They had a trial run at putting the tent up, which had us in hysterics, but once they had managed to get the tent up (which was no easy task), the next mission was to get it back in the bag! Dave, Jess and Greg were determined to get the tent back into the bag it came in! Greg as usual had to include his unicycle and he was struggling not to tip over backwards with the weight! Perhaps you can pick up some tips, just in case you go camping! Greg really looks the part.

More Hill Top Tails tomorrow. Thank you for reading our blog. Goodnight.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Unicycle Mad!

Hello, welcome back to Hill Top Tails. You will be pleased to know that Mars has settled down again after his episode on Saturday! Our Greg is just Unicycle mad. He rides his unicycle absolutely everywhere and has done so, since he had it as a Birthday present,almost two years ago. He was so determined to learn to ride it. He practised constantly until he got the hang of it and hasn't stopped unicycling since. He goes miles on it and is even talking about doing a unicycle ride for charity. Whatever he does and whatever he is doing he uses his unicycle to do it. This evening he was collecting the broom to go and sweep out the pgymy goat area and I caught him on the video! I thought you might like to see it.
More Hill Top Tails tomorrow. Thank you for reading our blog.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Large Elephant Hawk Moth

Hello! Firstly, thank you to Dan Holdsworth for giving us the following information about the moth Rossi found: -

"That's a Large Elephant Hawk Moth; there's nothing else in the UK that looks at all like that species. They're not at all uncommon; the larval food plant is rose bay willow herb, and the caterpillars have a curious trick for dissuading predatory birds from attacking them. What they do is stand up on their back prolegs, open up a pair of large eyespots on the front end and sway about, looking very like a particularly convincing snake-mimic that looks even more snake-ish than a real snake does Most of the time a bird is going to be so disconcerted by this display that it leaves the harmless caterpillar alone."

Ross has been busy looking after his new baby canaries. He has been breeding canaries for some time now.They really are very pretty - they are crested canaries and at least two of them seem to have a crest coming. We'll try and take some photos for you later in the week.

Thought you might like to see one of our regular squirrels - they really are very clever - they even hang from the bird table upside down if there is a bird on the nuts! Perhaps we should set up some kind of a squirrel assault course to get to the nuts!
More Hill Top Tails tomorrow. Thank you for joining us.